Checking off my Bucket List – #MFRWauthor

Hey there! Welcome to Week 7 of the  2018 #MFRWauthor blog challenge. I missed last week’s post (deadlines – the curse of authors, lol), but that was the first time I haven’t blogged in this challenge in more than a year. Holy smokes! Anyhow, this week’s topic prompt is to tell you about the top five things on my bucket list.

Pretty dang sure I covered this in a post last year. *shuffles through papers*

www.robinmichaela.comYup, here it is. And it wasn’t written that long ago (December, 2017), but I did knock one thing off that bucket list in early January, 2018: I ran my first marathon. My goal was to finish in an upright position (check) and on the correct side of an ambulance – meaning outside of one (check). I’ve already posted this picture, too, but since I’m recycling my list, I figure I’ll recycle the photo for your viewing pleasure, lol.

My son-in-law completed his first marathon with me. This is us, exhausted, but happy after running 26.2 miles over more than six hours. I wouldn’t call it fun, but it was neat to run through all five of the Disney World theme parks. Now we have the medal and the Mickey ears to prove we did it!

As far as my bucket list goes, nothing has changed. These are the remaining four from last year, plus I added another item:

  • Become a New York Times or USA Today Bestselling Author
  • Become a full-time writer so I can give up the blood and guts of the dental world
  • Climb the steps of Macchu Pichu
  • Visit Australia and the Far East
  • Added: Visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights

Notice the theme? Travel and writing. I have other goals, but these are the ones that stick uppermost in my mind.

How about you? What’s on your bucket list?

While you’re making your list, visit the other authors on this blog hopclick here.

Happy reading!

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