Under the Influence…of Books – #MFRWauthor

Reading. My first Love, My muse - author Robin MichaelaWelcome to Week #5 of the 2018 #MFRWauthor BLog Challenge. Today, the topic prompt is to to tell you about a book that has influenced my life.

*scratches head*

I can’t think of one, single book, in particular, that has changed my life but, lucky for you, I can think of the types of books that have heavily influenced me. Romance books.

I know – shocking, right? But, I AM a contemporary romance author, so you had to have known what I was going to say!

I love romances – almost any type of them, too. I read contemporary, paranormal, sci fi, time-travel, historical, Westerns, regency, Highlander, and billionaires. I’m not a fan of the darker romances, though, like a Mafia or biker romance because I like my reading the way I like my life – light and happy. The real world is full of violence, sadness and hate in so many forms, that I suppose I read romance because I know I’ll get that happy ending that can often be so elusive. The romances I write may have some angst in them, but you can sense the underlying love and caring the couple feels towards each other (I hope!).

We all crave love and acceptance and I think readers find that in a romance novel, which is why “bodice rippers” remain perennially popular.

Click here to see which books influenced the other authors on this blog hop.  See you next week – thanks for dropping by!

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21 thoughts on “Under the Influence…of Books – #MFRWauthor

    • RobinMichaela says:

      Until I started reading romances, I was one of those people who read the ending of a book first so I knew everything would turn out okay (or not). With romances, I don’t have to do that – I know there will be at least a HFN.


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