My Life is in My Books – #MFRWauthor

Happy Friday! It’s Week #3 of the 2018 MFRWauthor blog challenge and the topic this week is discussing how much of myself is in my writing.

I’ve got to admit – there are names and characteristics of family and friends, some pets, and even places in my contemporary romance novels that relate to me. They say you should write what you know, so that’s my excuse.

When I’m trying to come up with a name for a “background” character and a friend’s name pops up in my head, it’s easy to include it. They’re used for the characters that enhance the scene for whatever the main characters are doing. For example, in my book, The Santa Bargain, Maria (a main character) goes to the winter festival and buys popcorn from Sue and roasted chestnuts from Bob. That was a nod to a former dentist boss of mine and his wife. I kept in touch with them because they were like family, so it was fun to include them. In my upcoming book, Stealing the Billionaire’s Heart (part of The Billionaire’s Club multi-author boxed set to be released in April, 2018), the hero’s grandmother is an Italian woman named Claudia. She’s named for my good friend’s mother who is Italian and from just north of Venice, Italy, where part of the book is set.



In my book, Baby, That’s the Spirit!, the heroine, Amethyst, is clairvoyant and can speak with the dead. The story takes place during Halloween, which means Amethyst just couldn’t have any other type of pet than a black cat. Okay, maybe she could have had a green frog, but something like a white poodle would be out of the question. Seriously. So my own handsome black cat, Boo, was an obvious choice and has now become immortalized as Amethyst’s black cat (also named Boo).


Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, COI lived in Colorado for almost twenty years, so it makes sense to use the beautiful Rocky Mountains in my settings. I’ve driven ’em, hiked ’em, and skied ’em so I’m familiar enough with places and topography to make my settings realistic. Colorado features in The Santa Bargain and Stealing the Billionaire’s Heart (and, in a partially written book, Meant for You, that I’m hoping to release later in 2018). For the same reason, Georgia (where I live now) is the setting for Baby, Count on Me and Baby, That’s the Spirit!.

Have you ever popped up in an author’s ebooks? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by – see you next week!

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16 thoughts on “My Life is in My Books – #MFRWauthor

  1. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Well, since you asked . . . As you may know by now, I inadvertently inspired a romance novel —
    Mr. Valentine — about a guy who writes romance. Although my friend, Vicki Lewis Thompson, used a couple external resemblances, 99% of her book is her imagination.

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  2. Meka James says:

    Very cool. Congrats on inclusion in the box set! It only makes sense to pull from friends and family. In my current WIP my FMC’s friend is named after one of my CPs because we were chatting so much during the writing process and she has plenty of knowledge on the topic at hand.

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  3. Cathy Brockman says:

    Beautiful cat and settings. I love stories with bits of authors especially if I follow them and can tell what’s there. Now you need s character that runs a marathon!

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