Book Review – The Burnout Cure by Jill Blake

c7b2e-3dI borrowed The Burnout Cure via Kindle Unlimited and really enjoyed it. I also learned a lot about physician burnout. I’d heard that medical residents have to work around the clock with minimal sleep, but this contemporary romance really brings home the toll it takes in terms of depression, exhaustion, and the possibility of something as horrible as suicide for residents and doctors.

In The Burnout Cure, Lily Reid is a passionate motivational speaker who tries to help physicians avoid becoming a statistic. As a doctor herself, she knows what they go through.

Wolf Knox is a doctor who is infatuated with Lily, but not with her message. He thinks that the rigorous standards for med students and doctors are a good thing because they’ll weed out those who can’t hack it.

These two are attracted to each other, but underneath the romance, they butt heads trying to get the other person to respect their opinion. Wolf comes across as arrogant and unyielding, yet we can see the good in him. Lily is equally in-your-face about her belief that doctors need balance and stress management. Nevertheless, they start to fall for each other. The problem is, how do they “live and let live” – can they accept each other, knowing they are such diverse opposites on this subject that means so much to each of them?

The story was engaging, as were the characters. Wolf was pretty obnoxious at first, but you could see him softening as the story progressed. Lily was a nice challenge for him – she’s strong and not someone who caves under pressure. The story was well-written, is a standalone with an HEA and, I’m looking forward to the next book in the series!

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