Holiday Romance New Release – The Santa Bargain #MFRWHooks it’s Wednesday, this must be Book Hooks! Each week, the MFRWauthors blog hosts Book Hooks to give authors a chance to talk about their books. This week, I’m introducing The Santa Bargain, my holiday romance new release. Right now, it’s on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (free to read on Kindle Unlimited).


The Santa Bargain by Robin MichaelaSanta’s gifts can be both naughty…and nice.

Coffeehouse entrepreneur, Maria Thompson, has sworn off men ever since her young son’s father walked out of their lives. But, when she literally runs into sexy carpenter, Joe Sinclair, she wonders if it’s time to rethink her plan.

Joe Sinclair doesn’t need or want romance or a family. He was raised in the foster care system and learned long ago not to get attached to anyone. Now, if he could just remember that, he could put the sensual owner of Copper River, Colorado’s new coffee shop out of his mind.

After Maria and Joe volunteer to work together on the town’s first Christmas festival, their attraction lights up brighter than a new a string of holiday lights. When Santa comes to town, will they finally find everything they’ve ever wished for under the tree?


In this excerpt, Maria and Joe have just met. She literally ran into him, nearly knocking him over, so she’s a little disconcerted.

What was it about men that worked with their hands? Maria slicked her tongue over her bottom lip and indulged in a quick fantasy of using her own hands to caress….

He cleared his throat, breaking into her thoughts. “I’m Joe Sinclair,” he said, extending his hand to her. “I’m doing the trim carpentry on this store. And you are…?”

Rats – what was her name again? Flustered, she scrambled to come up with it. “I’m…Maria.” She pushed a lock of hair off her forehead, then amended, “Maria Thompson. I just moved to Copper River.” When he took her hand, she sucked in a quick gasp at the tingle that shot through her fingers.

Joe’s eyes darkened and his brows drew together. She figured he must have felt the same electricity.

They stared at each other for a few heartbeats until she broke eye contact. Feeling the need to explain herself, she gestured to the shop behind him. “This is my store. Cuppa Java.”

His eyes crinkled up at the sides. “Cute name.”

Maria felt her face flush with pleasure. Dammit. What was it about this guy that was making her react this strongly? Until now, she’d been pretty positive Doug had taken her hormones with him when he’d abandoned her and their five-year-old, Zach, because she hadn’t been remotely interested in men since then. Dating just wasn’t worth the effort, though she might have to rethink her position on that, based on her response to Joe.

“Thanks. Listen, Joe, I didn’t mean to bother you. I had a few minutes to kill before picking my son up from school, so I decided to come by to see how the construction is going.”

“It’s never a bother to talk with a beautiful woman.” His mouth curled in a slow grin.

Maria’s heart rate kicked up. Holy peppermint sticks, she needed to get out of there before her body heat set off the smoke alarms.

He descended the step ladder, then bent to retrieve her cell phone. When he handed it to her, she had to work at resisting the urge to throw her arms around his neck.

It was the strangest thing.

“Thanks,” she said, glancing at the miraculously undamaged screen. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw the time. “Crap, I’m going to be late picking up Zach.”

As she spun around to leave, Joe grabbed her hand. “I hope we’ll run into each other again soon.”

She grinned. “Me, too.”

Oh yeah, Maria definitely could get under him…scratch that…behind…she could definitely get behind that thought.

Buy Links: On sale for $0.99 at Amazon: or read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

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