Crazy Cat Lady – #MFRWauthor

It’s Friday, so this must be Week #43 of the 52-Week Blog Challenge… thanks for joining me! Today, you get to learn all about my pets (finally a fun topic that I knew how to address the second I saw it, lol).

Currently, I am owned by two cats. I have been a Dog Mama before, hence I can tell you that you do not “own” cats – they own you. In our house, we joke a lot about how the cats do what they want to do and spend their days looking down their imperial noses at us less-than-regal humans. While I say that with a bit of snark because our cats are very lovable critters who clamor to be with us most of the time, they often thumb their noses at us when we humbly request they stop doing certain things (such as staying off the counters).

Let me introduce you to Cleo and Boo:


Cleo is our beautiful Maine Coon cat. She came to us from a cat rescue back in 2004. At the time, they thought she was about 4 years old, but she was a stray so they weren’t sure. If so, this makes Cleo about 17 years old today (or about 80 in people years). She “chose” me and has been the most loving cat! She’s got a great temperament, will hold an entire conversation with people (particularly if she thinks you might be The Keeper of the Food), and has never met a person she didn’t like.

When we saw her in the cage at the cat rescue, she immediately came to the bars and put her paw through them as if she wanted to play (smart kitty!). They asked if I wanted to hold her, which I did, of course (smart cat rescue!). She cuddled on my lap, her rumbling purr echoing through my body as she patted my face, and I was lost. We weren’t even supposed to get a cat because we were renting until our house was finished being built (no pets allowed), but there was no way I could put her back in the cage, so she’s been with us for the last 13 years.

After about six months, we decided Cleo needed a companion. Turns out she was perfectly fine being alone, but we didn’t know that when we got Boo (he occasionally chases Cleo, so she has a different opinion about him than we do).


Boo is 14 years old and getting some gray in his gorgeous, fluffy fur (see his rump?).

He’s our handsome black cat (duh!), but that fact made him fairly unadoptable, according to the Humane Society. They told us that a black cat is the most likely type to be put down because they aren’t placed in homes as often as other cats. Why? A black cat is still viewed through the lens of superstition (um, hello, 21st Century calling…).

Because Cleo “chose me”, Handsome Prince got to choose our second cat. Once he heard the statistics about how often a black cat is put down, there was no other choice for him but Boo (that’s just one of the millions of reasons I love my guy!).

Boo is a character. Even at the advanced age of 72ish in Cat Years, he still tries to play with Cleo (who really just wants to sleep, thankyouverymuch). He sits on my lap when I write (but would prefer the keyboard if I’d let him), chases mylar balls (and retrieves them if you throw them!), and never fails to greet us at the door every time we come home.

He’s a cuddler, but only on his terms. He may ask to be picked up by sitting tall with his paws outstretched, but if the timing isn’t right, he’ll turn up his nose at you when you bend down to get him. Sometimes, we play this game a few times before he allows a snuggle like the one in this picture.

I had never been owned by cats until these two, but they’ve enriched our lives more than I ever thought possible. What kind of pets do you have? Let me know in the comments!

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21 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Lady – #MFRWauthor

  1. Ellie Mack says:

    So very true! I’ve been owned by cats in the past. Some are sweeter than others, some are just stinkers. Thank you for sharing – it brought back memories of my Sheba – queen of all that existed in our home.


  2. storimom2 says:

    Awwwww……your Boo reminds me of both my Gizmo, who I raised from a kitten, and my 1st beloved black cat Pete, whom we adopted when he was 7, and lived to be 22. Both were cuddlers, but only on their own terms, lol, though Pete tolerated me flipping him on his back to rub his tummy:) Giz didn’t appreciate that gesture.


    • RobinMichaela says:

      Wow, age 22! That must be a record. I think Cleo is going to be like that – she’s 17ish and healthy as can be. Neither of my cats will tolerate being on their backs, which is a pity because they’re both long-haired cats and could use a little de-matting on their tummies…


    • RobinMichaela says:

      It’s so weird, isn’t it? The humane society also told us they won’t adopt black cats out for a certain time period before Halloween because they are often used in rituals and hurt or killed. I truly wonder about people sometimes… I’m glad your son and daughter-in-law adopted the black cats. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Black dogs don’t get adopted very easily either, which is one reason we picked out Twiggles from the dog rescue. The people running the rescue claimed it was because photos of black dogs usually don’t turn out as adorable as pictures of lighter colored critters.


  4. Meka James says:

    Aww cute cats. I never knew much about them, but since my daughter now has 2 I’m learning that cats do really own their humans. And Yorkies, because Titan is a a cat-like dog and things he runs the house. LOL


  5. maureenbonatch says:

    Such cuties! We always had cats when I was growing up, but the hubs is allergic. He still loves cats though and brought one home years ago, and after a week we either had to find our cat “little Abe” a new home- or the hubs… 😉


  6. Cathy Brockman says:

    They are beautiful. I’ve always had a thing for black cats. One of our outdoor cats is black. I’d bring them all in but with 5 in here now hubby puts his foot down lol.


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