Get in the Spirit with this New Release (PG excerpt) – #MFRWHooks, y’all – I’ve got a new release! The book is the second in my Southern Hearts Romance series and is part of the Southern Roads Kindle World from Amazon.

It’s an autumn-themed paranormal romance about Amethyst, a clairvoyant who sees and speaks with the dead. The hero, Adam, is a skeptical single dad who can’t resist her even though he’s pretty sure she’s nuts. She swears his recently-deceased grandmother is still hanging around him for some reason, plus there’s a mystery involving a Civil War ghost and his little daughter’s disappearance.

Keep reading for an excerpt! (*The excerpt is rated PG, but the book’s heat level is 3-4).

About Southern Roads: Baby, That’s the Spirit!

paranormal romance books by author Robin Michaela

Now available in the Southern Roads Kindle World!

When free-spirited clairvoyant, Amethyst Raines, comes to Sweetness to tell fortunes at the fall festival, she crosses circuits with hunky electrical contractor, Adam Burkett. While she’s drawn to him, she has no intention of getting involved with the sexy single dad. The problem is, she has a message for him from beyond the grave…and, she’d deliver it, if she could just get the infuriating man to believe she can speak with the dead.

Cynical skeptic Adam is tired of deceitful women. All he wants to do is finish out his job contract and settle his beloved grandmother’s estate before saying good-bye to Sweetness forever. And, he’s definitely not going to be tempted by a woman who claims she can talk to spirits. But when his little girl goes missing, Adam will do anything to find her, including putting his faith in the seductive medium he can’t seem to resist.

She’s trying to solve a century-old secret; he’s trying to find his daughter. If they can work together, their relationship just might stand a ghost of a chance.

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Adam rubbed his hand across the stubble on his jaw as he watched Amethyst inspect the jewelry at one of the craft stalls on the opposite row from her booth. Being with her had him all kinds of confused – like he was relaxed and happy, yet strangely unnerved all at the same time.

What was it that kept him hanging around a woman he couldn’t quite get a handle on?

She was definitely a puzzle. He absolutely trusted her where Lily was concerned because he instinctively knew she was a good person. Amethyst was open and honest – but then there was the whole clairvoyant thing, which seemed sort of deceitful. How could you prove someone was telling the truth when they announced they talked to the dead?

Granted, he’d softened his attitude a little since he’d first met her, but he still couldn’t get too heavily invested in the idea. And he sure as hell couldn’t picture dead people lurking in the ether, waiting to hear the latest football score or the news of the day.

The only thing he wasn’t confused about was that she was sexy as hell.

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