Paranormal Romance Books and Corn Mazes

If you like paranormal romance books, then – woo hoo! – my newest release is finally live on Amazon!

paranormal romance books by author Robin Michaela

Now available in the Southern Roads Kindle World!

Baby, That’s the Spirit! has a Halloween theme. The heroine, Amethyst, can see and speak with the odd ghost or restless spirit that often shows up around Halloween. When Adam, the hero, finds out about her “talent”, he thinks it’s a load of crap. He’s a gotta-see-it-to-believe-it kind of guy.

In the excerpt below, Adam and Amethyst are on a double date with Beau and Jenna (you can read their story in Baby, Count on Me). They’re winding their way through a corn maze.

In the dark. Without a flashlight.

Have you ever done that? I have, and let me tell you, it’s not the easiest thing to do, especially when you’re in a haunted corn maze.

When you turn a corner and the corn stalks rustle as they come alive, and then a life sized scarecrow leaps out at you, well…trust me, bring extra underwear. In my case, it helped that we had a full moon (and other people’s flashlights) to navigate by, but the creepy vibes really jacked up the fear factor. Although my husband didn’t seem to mind me plastering myself against him for protection.

But, I digress…

After I put Amethyst and Adam into the setting, I started wondering about corn mazes. Turns out, the first one was made in Annville, PA.  It was 3 acres in size and had just under 2 miles of pathways. Apparently, that’s teensy, because the 2014 Guinness World Record holder was 60 acres (Wikipedia says so). So many people got lost in it and called 911, they started handing out maps!

Called “maize mazes” in the U.K (those quirky Brits!), the corn is usually planted strictly for making mazes – it generally is not used for commercial production, although some farmers do harvest it for feed for their animals.

Mazes have been around for millennia, but the corn variety only popped up in 1993. Nowadays, NPR reports that many of the intricate patterns are cut by a GPS-equipped tractor with a drone positioned high above the field to ensure precision. Some are still cut by hand, however, requiring days or even weeks to transform a graph-paper design into a living work of art.

One of the best things about a corn maze is getting lost in one with your sweetie. The dark corners and dead-end sections are the perfect place to be slightly naughty this Halloween. If you don’t have one near you (or even if you do), pick up some paranormal romance books to get in the mood.

Grab your copy of Baby, That’s the Spirit!


Hell, if she affected him this much after two days, it would be stupid to spend any more time with her. He was selling Nana Millie’s property and going west. Amethyst was heading to Florida for another fair in less than a month. Nothing could come from his attraction to her. If he had the sense God gave a flea, he would just get through the corn maze, make it an early evening, and put her out of his mind for good.

He’d have given that particular idea a good shot, too, except she grabbed his hand. “C’mon, let’s see if we can beat them to the finish,” she said, pointing to Beau and Jenna who were already turning the corner at the end of the first row of the maze.

At her touch, that weird tingling sensation snaked through his fingertips again before shooting straight up his arm and ricocheting straight down to his groin.

Her eyes went wide and her lips formed a surprised circle. Which made Adam start thinking about what her mouth would taste like if he kissed her. Or how sexy she’d sound if they indulged in any of the other activities that had been running through his mind since he’d met up with her at Beau and Jenna’s place before dinner.

When she’d opened the door of her pink, purple, and blue-striped – what did she call it? a tiny house? – he’d nearly drowned in a wave of pure lust. Her low-cut purple tunic was belted at her waist. The neckline skimmed the mounds of her breasts and her amethyst necklace nestled between the tantalizing globes, making his fingers itch to touch them. The bottom of her blouse ended just above the curve of her tight ass, accentuating her enticing buttocks. And her long, shapely legs were encased in black leggings that hugged every inch of supple muscle she’d built up through years of yoga and running.

If Beau and Jenna hadn’t been standing there with him, they’d never have made it to the restaurant.

Amethyst shook him out of his erotic fantasies when she tightened her grip on his hand and leaned into him. Her flowery fragrance caressed his nostrils as she draped a slim arm around his neck. “Or, on the other hand, we could forget all about beating them and go get lost in the dark for a while.” Her voice sounded husky.

A half-moon was rising. It cast a soft glow over the dried corn stalks — barely enough to see the path between the shadows. Even so, he clearly saw her drop her gaze to his mouth and slowly lick her lower lip.

He cleared his throat. “Getting lost sounds pretty tempting.” Hell, what was he talking about? It was extremely tempting.

“Then let’s go see how much fun corn mazes can be.”

Get your copy here!


paranormal romance books by author Robin Michaela

Now available in the Southern Roads Kindle World!

When free-spirited clairvoyant, Amethyst Raines, comes to Sweetness to tell fortunes at the fall festival, she crosses circuits with hunky electrical contractor, Adam Burkett. While she’s drawn to him, she has no intention of getting involved with the sexy single dad. The problem is, she has a message for him from beyond the grave…and, she’d deliver it, if she could just get the infuriating man to believe she can speak with the dead.

Cynical skeptic Adam is tired of deceitful women. All he wants to do is finish out his job contract and settle his beloved grandmother’s estate before saying good-bye to Sweetness forever. And, he’s definitely not going to be tempted by a woman who claims she can talk to spirits. But when his little girl goes missing, Adam will do anything to find her, including putting his faith in the seductive medium he can’t seem to resist.

She’s trying to solve a century-old secret; he’s trying to find his daughter. If they can work together, their relationship just might stand a ghost of a chance.

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  1. Debbie Pierce says:

    I got an advanced copy of this book! Another Great read by Robin Michaela. The characters are so genuine and funny. The story keeps you turning pages and wanting more!!

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