Love, Kindness, Respect – #MFRWauthor

photo by author Robin MichaelaIt’s week 39 of the #MFRWauthor 52-week Blog Challenge. Doing the math tells me that you only have 13 more entries to read for this year (can I get an “amen”?). Thanks for hanging in there with me for so long! And, just because you have, you’re going to gain some pearls of wisdom because this week’s topic is words to live by. Fair warning, I dragged out my soapbox for a couple of them…

The first one is respect. What I mean by this is, follow the Golden Rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated. For example: don’t cut people off in traffic because you assume you’re too important to wait in a turn lane with the rest of us. Trust me, you’re not. And, if you disagree with someone, remember that their opinion is just as valid as yours. Respect others enough to give them the peace that comes with a live-and-let-live attitude.

The next word is kindness.These days, all you hear about are the bad things – robberies and abuse and carjackings and scammers. Why can’t we hear good stories about people helping each other? Newsflash – we’re all in this together. Hold the door for someone, help someone who’s struggling to carry something, wave to say thanks when someone lets you cut in front of them in traffic (this is rare to see and it drives me nuts when people don’t do it. Seriously, how hard it is to lift your dainty little wrist and give it a teensy shake in return for me letting you sneak in when you should have waited in line like the rest of us? *See bullet point #1). It doesn’t cost much to be kind and it’ll earn you good karma points.

Next up – be suspicious. what? Yep, a healthy dose of suspicion is a good thing. It keeps you from giving money to that Nigerian prince and from falling prey to that co-worker who just wants to borrow $10 (for the tenth time. And hasn’t paid you back for the other nine…). Maybe I should have said don’t be a pushover. Listen to your gut – if something feels “off”, it probably is and you should run. Or, at least mull it over before acting on it. Preferably for a few days until the feeling goes away.

The last word is love (hey, this wouldn’t be a romance writer’s blog if I didn’t mention love!). Yes, yes – love your spouse/significant other/family/pets/friends. But, also love yourself enough to treat yourself with kindness. Learn to say “no” to some requests so you don’t drive yourself crazy trying to make others happy. Learn to take some time for you. Relax, drink some wine, catch up on a tv show or read a few chapters of your favorite book (one of mine, right?). I need to take my own advice.

Baby, That's the Spirit

Coming in October to the Southern Roads Kindle World!

Right now, I’m up against a deadline for my next book and I’m stressed. I haven’t seen Handsome Prince for far too many days, except for when we share a quick meal, then I’m off to work on the book. It’s not fun (well, the writing is, but it would be so much better if I wasn’t up against a wall. And had a drink in my hand.).

I’m going to take my own advice and end this post now. Have a great week and leave me a comment below if you know of any important other words to live by!

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14 thoughts on “Love, Kindness, Respect – #MFRWauthor

    • RobinMichaela says:

      It’s interesting – some people don’t acknowledge you, but the other day a man practically crawled through his car window to be sure I saw him waving. He must not get acknowledged often either, lol.


  1. Meka James says:

    Good luck with your upcoming release! Hope you get done soon so you can take a breather. I’m currently in the editing abyss.

    Love your words of wisdom. The traffic is a real issue in Atlanta. People are rude, tailgate, don’t want to let you in. It’s bad.

    Liked by 1 person

    • RobinMichaela says:

      Editing abyss is right, Meka – good luck with yours! Yeah, traffic here is the pits. I have a patient who works for the Dept of Transportation who told me there is nothing on the table to help with congestion, either. Until the city loses money (like they did when the I-85 bridge collapsed), they won’t be motivated to do anything about it. Grrrr.


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