Bad Habits? Not Me… – #MFRWauthor

Happy Friday! It’s Week 35 of the #MFRWauthor Blog Challenge (topic: My Bad Habits) PLUS it’s Labor Day weekend! Excitement reigns.

As I type this, I’m listening to another type of rain – the rain falling from Tropical Storm Harvey as it moves across the country (and, thankfully, away from Houston. I can not imagine what those poor people are going through, but my heart goes out to them). Many of us are preparing for the final hurrah of the summer, but hearing the rain brings the devastation in Houston a little closer to home. If you can, please donate to the Salvation Army or the Red Cross, drop off clothing and household items for storm victims, or donate blood in your area (which will be sent to help in hurricane-ravaged areas of the country). Thank you!

Okay, off my soapbox… (you’re welcome).

This week’s blog topic is My Bad Habits. Hmmm…does being addicted to sour gummy candy or chocolate over-consumption count? How about that evening glass of wine? Yeah, probably. Well then, I might have picked up a bad habit…or two.

Since I’m confessing, I also tend to run late/arrive exactly on time when I have to be somewhere. I TRY to be a few minutes early (and I consider myself on time if I’m within five minutes), but there is always one more thing on my To-Do list to cram in, so I never arrive anywhere fifteen minutes early (which, according to my husband – military man that he was (U.S. Air Force) – borders on being late).

Baby, That's the Spirit

Coming soon in the Southern Roads Kindle World!

Another of my bad habits is the tendency to get involved with my writing to the point that I spend more time at the keyboard than I do with the Hubs (thankfully, he’s pretty understanding). Yes, I write romance novels, but I also have a small copy-writing side business, so I seem to constantly have a deadline looming.

My current WIP, Baby, That’s the Spirit!, is due to be released at the end of September and I’ve been working on it every spare second. My Labor Day weekend will be spent at the keyboard (yes, with gummy worms or chocolate to accompany me).

Other bad habits? Hubby will tell you I’m annoying when I talk through TV shows and movies. Keep in mind, I’m not yakking about my work day when I do this, I’m talking about the show because I get emotionally invested sometimes (“why didn’t she tell him she was pregnant?”, “what idiot robs a bank, then goes straight home?”, “man, that voice is driving me crazy”… My Handsome Prince nods at that last one, because MY voice is driving him crazy by then).

But, I’m not without my healthy habits! If you’ve been reading my blog all along, you know I’m a runner (currently training for my first full marathon (26.2 miles) in January). I’ve been running for more than three years now, so it’s become ingrained and I miss it if I don’t get the chance to hit the treadmill/sidewalk.

I cook from scratch most of the time, rather than relying on prepared and processed foods (although I’m not above using processed food when I’m on a deadline). I floss my teeth (because it’s heart healthy, mouth-healthy, and because I’m a dental hygienist and they make you swear on your first born that you’ll floss every day before they’ll hand you your license to practice…). I also drink tons of water, rather than soda or sports drinks (it’s much healthier for your teeth!).

Do you have a bad habit (or a healthy one)? If you dare, share yours in the comments below!

This is a blog hop – stop by the other authors on the list to read about their bad habits:

24 thoughts on “Bad Habits? Not Me… – #MFRWauthor

    • RobinMichaela says:

      Good for you for going to the gym, Helen! The only trick I know to avoid getting lost in my writing is setting an alarm that I have to get up to turn off (I keep it outside the room). Once, I’m up, I might as well eat, work out, whatever…


  1. storimom2 says:

    LOL on running late. I have that issue, but it ties in with spending more time at the computer than with the family. If I need to leave at, say, 5:30, I’ll get off the computer at 5, and be ready to walk out the door…..but then the family, who’s only seen the back of my head all day, decides at 5:25 they need to tell me something vitally important….such as what they’ve just seen on the news or what their plans for the next day are. Can’t it wait until I get home in two hours? Even when I TRY to schedule in this ‘tell-Kenzie-everything-at-the-last-minute’, I still end up coming off rude when I’m trying not to be late for a meeting….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Linda McLaughlin says:

    Good for you on the water and cooking from scratch. I’m good at the former, in fact, my doctor says I drink too much water and my salt levels in the blood are always low. Go figure? Not so good in the cooking department though. Enjoyed the post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • RobinMichaela says:

      My mom was a child of the depression and it would have never occurred to her to use ready-made foods, so I grew up making meals that last a couple of days (just reheat and serve after the initial cooking). If you’re not on a sodium-restricted diet, adding a pinch of salt to your water might help your sodium levels. Drinking coconut water will, too (yuck, I say!), as well as drinking vegetable juices, like V-8.


  3. Mary J. McCoy-Dressel says:

    As a non-runner, I can’t imagine running so far, so I praise those who do. Congrats on the marathon training. Gummy worms and chocolate. Now you’re talking. It’s okay if I talk during a movie or TV show because I have no one to disturb, but there was a time…

    Liked by 1 person

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