Recharge? What is That? #MFRWauthor

Welcome! Bienvenidos! Wilkommen! Bonjour! Hey y’all! It’s Week #33 of the #MFRWauthor Blog Challenge. (If you’ve been following me, I figure you’re probably pretty bored with the standard greeting, so I thought I’d shake things up a bit.)

The topic d’jour is What I do to Recharge….

American Reisling

Photo by The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey

Um, what is this “recharging” of which you speak? I rarely have down time, so I don’t recharge, unless you count sleep (which can be iffy because I sometimes dream about my WIP and where it’s heading).

Also, I sorta feel like this has been covered in other posts. In Week 6, I told you about my hobbies. In Week 10, I regaled you with my guilty pleasures. In Week 27, you learned that I like to travel to the most beautiful places in the world. And, the very first week of this blog challenge, I talked all about my favorite things.

Those posts pretty much sum it up. When I get the chance to recharge, I like to (not necessarily in any particular order):

  • hang out with my hubby, kids, or cats
  • run or hike
  • read any of the zillions of ebooks on my Kindle
  • travel
  • eat chocolate
  • have a glass of wine

Sorry for the boring post this week. I hope you’ll tune in next week to learn the answer to the burning question: Open Doors or Closed Doors? Which reminds me – I definitely should add “quality time” with my handsome prince to my recharge list…

Visit the other authors on this blog hop to see what they do to relax:

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