It’s All About Second Chances – #MFRWHooks

This week, I’m participating in the #MFRWBookHooks blog hop!

Here’s an excerpt from my contemporary, small town romance novella, Baby, Count On Me.

Beau and Jenna’s story is all about second chances…


He was the same Beau she had adored in college, but he was different, too. His body had filled out with muscles formed from hard labor, yet his torso had become leaner and lither. She traced the tattoo that spread over his shoulder – an eagle in full flight with an American flag clutched in its talons. “This is new,” she remarked. “I like it. Very patriotic.”

His mouth curved in a smile. “I had it done while I was in the Air Force.”

It was her turn to surprise him. “I’ve got one, too. But, you’re going to have to search for mine,” she smiled impishly. “I’ve been working on developing my rebel side, lately. No one knows it’s there, but me. I’ll warn you, though, it’s pretty tiny.”

“I’ve got to tell you, I’m definitely looking forward to the hunt,” he said, as his mouth came down to possess hers again.

Robin Michaela - Southern Roads: Baby, Count On MeThe Blurb:

Workaholic CPA Jenna Carmichael has played it safe all her life, except for the one time back in college when she gambled on romance and ended up with heartbreak. Her domineering father controlled every aspect of her world back then, and still does, yet Jenna has been nurturing a tiny spark of defiance and it’s finally ready to blaze to life.

Mechanical engineer Beau Davis saw plenty of excitement during his stint in the U. S. Air Force. Now, he’s ready to settle down in the cozy rural town of Sweetness, GA. The trouble is, he can’t find a woman who stirs his heart the way his college sweetheart did, and he’s been comparing women to her ever since.

When Jenna comes to Sweetness to audit the small town’s government grant, she and Beau are reunited. Will they be willing to risk everything for a second chance at love?

Grab your copy at Amazon today.

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