Do Word Counts Matter? #MFRWauthor

It’s Week 23 and the #MFRWauthor blog topic this week is word counts…do they matter? How much? How often?

Author Robin Michaela - #MFRWauthor 52 Week #BlogChallenge

I confess -I’m pretty dang confused about the topic. I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to write about. Are they referring to the word count I look for when I purchase a book? Maybe they wonder how many words I write when I’m in the groove? Or perhaps they’re asking if I set a daily writing word count goal and, if so, what that goal is?

Wellll, I guess I’ll just tackle all three, then…

  • 20,000 – 40,000 – This is the general word count I look for when I purchase a book. There are roughly 260 words to a page on an ereader, which is my primary way of reading a book. So, on my Kindle, this word count translates to somewhere around 75 – 160 pages in a traditional paperback novel. I know that’s a short novel, but frankly that’s all I can handle when I read. I’m crazy busy with working full time, being an author, having a small copy writing side gig, and trying to be a wife to the hubster, mom to my (grown, but still…) kids, and a friend to my friends. I want to read something I can plow through in the limited time I have. Something that is short enough that I can remember the story line and not have to backtrack to figure out why so-and-so is doing such-and-such to whomever.
  • 3,000 – 4, 000 – This is about what I can write on a good day. One free of distraction. One in which I’ve got a handle on where my story is headed. This doesn’t happen often because I’m usually trying to figure out what comes next when I write. The scenes in my head flow faster than my fingers, so I have to keep going back to revise and add what I “saw”, but what my fingers forgot to include on the rough draft.
  • 1,000 – 1500 – This is my usual goal for my word count when I’m writing. If I can write more I do, but I’m happy if I hit this goal on any given day. More often than not, I won’t hit it because life gets in the way and something pulls me away from the computer (for example: I’m having a garage sale tomorrow, so you can imagine how much writing I’ve done this week while I get ready for it. Let’s see…aside from this blog post? Um, a Big Fat Zero.)

So, there you have it. If you’ve ever wondered how come most authors can’t crank out a novel a week – this is why. Granted, some writers are super-prolific. I’m in a Facebook group with a few authors like this and I constantly feel unworthy. But, I tell myself I’m just starting out and I’ll get faster. Then, I crack my knuckles, say a prayer to the gods of writing, and hunker down at the keyboard.

That being said, I’d like to release my next romance novel in July. Which means you can probably actually pick it up from Amazon around the holidays, lol…

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13 thoughts on “Do Word Counts Matter? #MFRWauthor

  1. Cathy Brockman says:

    I am Like you I like books wit at least 150 to 250 pages. On a good night i can read close to the 150 pages and I like to read in a sitting if I can. Good luck on the yard sale!

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    • RobinMichaela says:

      Thanks, Cathy! We did a two-day sale (have I mentioned that I loathe garage sales? Ugh.). I didn’t write, but I got a lot of reading done (I’m reading the book Ed recommended, called Hooked: Write Fiction that Grabs Readers…by Les Edgerton).


  2. Meka James says:

    You aren’t the only one that was confused on this topic. I’m the opposite when it comes to looking at books. Honestly I want more for my money. I think it stems from the apparent increase in the serial book. I read like I write: SLOW. So for me it’s not a big deal to come back to a book weeks (sometimes months) later. LOL I need to do better on both fronts I guess.

    I do understand the feeling of being unworthy when you hear about other authors cranking out large word counts per day or putting out multiple books in a year. Just have to keep writing and you’ll get there.

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    • RobinMichaela says:

      Yes, I keep telling myself to keep plugging along and I’ll eventually get there. It was interesting to hear from one very prolific author I know – she said it took her months to write each of her first few books, but the time frame decreased as she went along (she can pop out 1-2 a month now). She’s got more than 40 books out now, so it makes sense that experience helps with plotting, writing, etc.


  3. Mary J. McCoy-Dressel says:

    I was confused on the topic. I do tend to purchase longer books to read. When writing, I don’t stick to daily counts and don’t put too much pressure on myself to make my novels a certain length. I do after the book is written and torment myself in revisions to shorten them a bit. I’m glad you mentioned why some of us aren’t putting out a novel a week. 🙂

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    • RobinMichaela says:

      I always hear how authors go way over their word count and have to trim in edits. I’m the opposite – I always end up with a longer book when I edit and can “flesh it out.” I’m talkative in real life, I guess that doesn’t carry through to my writing word counts, lol.

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