My Fave Books That Became Movies – #MFRWauthor

For Week 20 of the 52-week #MFRWauthor blog challenge, we’re discussing books that became movies. Well, more specifically, I’m talking about movies that were inspired by my favorite books.

Oh, how I wish I could say one of MY personally-written books was in this category but, alas, I’ve only published one – to date – so that ship has pretty much stalled at the dock… (more to come, though, so I remain optimistic!)

Okay, onward to some of my favorite books that have actually become movies:

Favorite books and movies - Robin Michaela

By 20th Century Fox – Impawards,

The Princess Bride by S. Morgenstern (which is the pen name of William Goldman). Who doesn’t root for Westley and Princess Buttercup to get together in the end? And, the movie had some great lines – I love it when my husband quotes Westley, saying, “as you wish” when I ask him to do something for me, lol.








The Martian by Andy Weir. This book had me rooting for Mark Watney from the first

line. Okay, some of the book moved slowly (the number of potato plants he grew, the number of gallons of water he reclaimed), but – for the love of God – Mark was marooned on Mars! How would they ever get him back?

And, he has a characteristic that I love in a leading man/hero – he’s got an awesome sense of humor. Man, you just gotta save a guy whose story starts with a line like “I’m pretty much fucked.”







Apollo 13 (original title: Lost Moon) by James Lovell, Jeffrey Kluger. This one was based on a true story (“Houston, we have a problem…”) and I remember the nail-biting we all did and how everyone was glued to our televisions when the news broke that Apollo 13 had suffered an explosion during the mission and the astronauts may die in space.

We could see the images the men had sent back from the Moon. We could hear the astronauts talking to Mission Control in the space capsule on the TV updates… it was sort of like living The Martian in real life.

For me (and for most people at the time) it was absolutely horrifying to know that these men might die right in front of our eyes and there was nothing that could be done about it. They had one chance and if everything didn’t go perfectly, they were toast. The movie did an excellent job of capturing the drama that went into getting the men back to Earth.

There are zillions of other movies that were inspired by books, but I won’t bore you with all the ones I love (Gone With the Wind, The Lord of the Rings, Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Notebook, and Forrest Gump all leap to mind…). Which books do you love that have become movies? Leave a comment below!

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14 thoughts on “My Fave Books That Became Movies – #MFRWauthor

    • RobinMichaela says:

      It’s a good book, but you have to hang in there past about page 60. It grabs you at the start, but then he gets into the things he does to stay alive which, while interesting in a “sciency” way, can be a bit boring. Mark is a great character, though!


    • RobinMichaela says:

      I doubt my hubby would have ever watched The Princess Bride if my daughter hadn’t put it on one night. “Inconceivable,” but he liked it, lol. I think The Martian is probably better as a movie than a book as far as action goes, but I found it fascinating to read the book and see how Mark figured out how to stay alive on Mars.


  1. maureenbonatch says:

    The Martian is one of the few movies I watched without reading the book because of the very reason you stated. People who read it told me it was kinda slow and that there was a lot of math (math?!!) that they skipped. I loved the movie!

    Liked by 1 person

    • RobinMichaela says:

      Yeah, Mark is an engineer so there was a LOT of math. I found his process interesting, even if I didn’t understand it. But, The Hubs picked up the book and then kept saying, “this gets better, right?” until it started moving along after about the first 60 pages…


    • RobinMichaela says:

      It was sure scary to “live” the events of Apollo 13. I think that’s partly why the Challenger disaster hit me so hard – Apollo 13 came home, how come Challenger (and later, Columbia) didn’t make it?

      Liked by 1 person

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