Weaknesses, Writing, and Fear – #MFRWauthor

Welcome to Week #13 of the #MFRWauthor blog challenge. I feel like a whole quarter of the year has gone by in a zip!

This week’s writing prompt is all about weaknesses – specifically, my greatest weakness. As I’ve pondered which (among so, so many) weaknesses I should share with you, it occurred to me that most of them can actually be distilled down into fear.

One of the things I do well is procrastinate – not a great weakness to have if you are a romance author and trying to meet deadlines. But, I can drag my feet long enough to make Fred Flintstone envious. Remember how he stopped his car? He didn’t have brakes, so he’d stomp with both feet, sliding along the roadway until his soles were smoking and the car finally rolled to a stop.

Sometimes I feel a lot like Fred, minus the car.

Why do I drag my feet? Because I either bog down with writer’s block or I write a few scenes, then convince myself they’re silly or that people will think they’re lame or that some other author could have written the scene so much better than I. So, I (a) go back and rewrite, or (b) go check out social media posts so I can give myself a mental vacation. The problem is, the web is a huge time-waster and I might not get back to my manuscript for an hour or more.

But, the real problem is fear. If I’m sucked into the vacuum that is social media – or even if I’m doing productive internet research for the book – I’m not writing, therefore, I’m not opening myself up to the worry that my work is drivel. Ditto for writer’s block: if I discard every idea, I’m also not publishing anything and I’m not facing rejection.

I’ve got to say, this prompt has been an eye-opener! From now on, I’m setting the timer on my phone when I need to clear my head. That way, I’ll come back to the manuscript and be more productive.

Henceforth, Fred is banned.

My new goal is to be Dory and just keep swimming…er, writing.

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13 thoughts on “Weaknesses, Writing, and Fear – #MFRWauthor

  1. Helen Henderson says:

    I don’t think the fear ever goes away. Every article, every novel, every blog post for a site all brings back the same trepidation. Then we take a deep breath and push send. We are writers. Good post. (and i like the flintstone and dory.)

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  2. Meka James says:

    You sound so much like me! Fear is a terrible thing. I let it control me for nearly a year and a half. I quit working on my current WIP for that long because of it for the exact reasons you mentioned. It’s hard to dig deep and push through the fear, but it must be done. I’m still worried with each new word that I write, but I have to keep going. Good luck to you on all your projects.

    Love Dory!

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  3. Shari Elder says:

    Sometimes I think procrastination is procrastination but other times I think we are incubating stories and ideas. Its as if our internal processes (subconscious) are working through characters and plotlines while digging through our fears and histories to get deeper into our emotional core. It is needed sometime. That’s one of the reasons I write by routine–same time, same place for a limited period. It helps me focus and trains the muse.

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    • RobinMichaela says:

      I like the idea that I’m actually incubating stories while I’m procrastinating! That’s the story I’m gonna go with from now on… A routine is definitely a good thing – if I can keep a routine going, it does seem like I’m more prolific.


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