How To Choose a Book Title – #MFRWauthor

This week’s topic is how to choose a book title, which is something I don’t have much experience with (yet). I’m currently working on my second book (a holiday contemporary romance entitled, Blame it on Santa) and I have one romance novella published (Baby, Count on Me in Amazon’s Kindle Worlds).

Robin Michaela - Baby, Count on Me For the first book, I wrote a second chance romance based on charactersfrom Stephanie Bond’s Southern Roads series. All the books in her series start with the word “baby” and my story was about an accountant (thus, there is counting involved) and her long-lost college sweetheart, whom she dumped back in the day because her domineering father made her do it. By the end of the book, we hope her character arc leads her to take a stand against Dear Old Dad,  thus ensuring that her lost love can now “count on her.” You’ll have to read it to find out if that’s the way it ends, lol.

So, in that case, the title had a double meaning.

Robin Michaela - Blame it on Santa Romance novellaMy in-process holiday ebook revolves around a heroine who is put in charge of the town’s Christmas festival. She has to find someone to play Santa for the kids. The hero agrees to fill the position after the heroine (who is in lust with him) promises he’ll be extra happy with what (who!) he finds under his holiday tree if he agrees to help her out. Do they fall in love? If they do, you can Blame it on Santa

I suppose if I get stumped about how to choose a book title in the future, I can always turn to a title generator. Who knew they existed as a way to title blog posts and articles? While I seriously doubt they’d work for generating book titles, maybe they will spark an idea…

If you write books/blog posts/articles/etc, what ideas do you have for how to choose a book title? Leave a comment below!

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10 thoughts on “How To Choose a Book Title – #MFRWauthor

    • RobinMichaela says:

      It would be interesting to try a generator, but I think it would only work to help give you ideas (kind of like brainstorming). I played with one when I was researching this article – some results sounded stupid. Example: if you entered “beach romance”, it generated titles like “6 Ways To Beach Romance.” So dumb. But, it might make you think in a different direction, which could help you come up with a title. 🙂

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