Let Me Tell Ya About My Best Friend – #MFRWauthor

Author Robin Michaela - #MFRWauthor 52 Week #BlogChallengeThe blog challenge for Week 5 revolves around “my best friend,”, so I naturally started trying to figure out who I should write about. Then, I realized that the fact I even have to choose is a blessing, because I have several people in my life whom I consider to be besties.

Over the years, my definition of “my best friend” has changed. When I was a kid, I had friends I saw every day – we rode bikes, played jacks in the driveway, and hunted each other in games of hide and seek until it was too dark to find the hider unless we stumbled over her.

In my early adult years, I had friends from middle and high school who remained in my life (and are still with me today, too many years later to want to count!). They were the ones who helped me navigate through dating and romances, weddings and babies. Now, I have added besties who are closer in physical proximity, however that doesn’t mean they have replaced my “longer” friends. It just means they are different best friends – but they are besties, nonetheless.

My myriad of best friends starts with my husband – he is my true best friend. He’s the one who listens to me complain or rejoice, shares the tragic and the mundane, and keeps me sane. My daughter has grown into an amazing woman and I count her as one of my best friends now that I don’t have to remind her to do her homework or clean her room. My two friends from middle school, Esther and Debbie, remain in my life forty-plus years later and I treasure their insight and their ability to hang with me through all the changes we’ve each gone through in that time. Richard, from high school, still makes me laugh and still writes me notes (although we text now, instead of passing them to each other between classes). My friend, Alice, has less longevity, but we are as close as sisters. And, in a different way, my keyboard has become my new best friend since I started my author journey.

Who are your best friends and what makes them your bestie? Leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “Let Me Tell Ya About My Best Friend – #MFRWauthor

  1. aylaruse says:

    How beautiful that your daughter can be counted as a best friend. I know my mother considers me one of hers, and even though I know God did right by giving me boys instead of girls, a part of me misses that could-have-been bond between a mother and daughter. Yours is a touching and beautiful post.

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    • RobinMichaela says:

      Yes, my mom was one of my best friends, too. I used to talk to her nearly every day and it was awful when I couldn’t pick up the phone any more. I still talk to her, but it’s pretty one-sided now!


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