Ackk! My Common Writing Mistakes (Robin Michaela – #MFRWauthor)

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Author Robin Michaela
The Week 4 challenge to blog about my common writing mistakes is a toughie, not because I make so few errors, but because I’m new author, so the easier list would be to write a post that details my writing wins. Except it would be a short list, lol.

What I’ve really struggled with the most is trying not to edit while I’m writing. Instead, I force myself to keep moving through the entirety of the first draft of my book and then go back and edit. I’ve found it’s the only way I’ll actually complete a manuscript.

When I started out, I swear I wrote and rewrote Chapter One of my first book at least twenty times (seriously) before I started Chapter Two. There was always a sentence that didn’t sound right or a part of a scene that worked in my mind, but not on paper. And then, wasn’t there the off-chance I could just tweak a sentence one more time to make it The Greatest Sentence Ever Written?

No, I there was not. Because I learned that, if I did, I never moved on. So, now I write ruthlessly and try not to reread my work until I have reached the end of the story and can edit the whole shebang.

One of my other problems is coming up with new ways to describe a character’s expressions or gestures. How many times does he frown? Or grin? Or rub his neck? How many times does she chew on her lip as she thinks something over?

Sadly, far too often, as was revealed during one of the classes in an awesome editing course I took last fall from Angela James, Editorial Director for Carina Press. Repetitive words are boring and yank readers out of the story, so I’m working hard to banish repeat offenders like “just” and “that” and “really.”

And yet, even with all the attention to detail, I have found a few mistakes that were overlooked in my Kindle Worlds novella, Baby, Count On Me. When I see that, it’s enough to make me just really, really want to just cry.

Which common writing mistakes do you make? Let me know in a comment below!

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7 thoughts on “Ackk! My Common Writing Mistakes (Robin Michaela – #MFRWauthor)

  1. authorangelachristinaarcher says:

    Over the course of writing, I’ve developed a list of weak and overused words along with overused phrases that I know I’m guilty of. At the end of my final draft, I search and find all of those words and phrases and take them out. The list grows with each novel, but it’s helped a lot.

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  2. Helen Henderson says:

    I too use a checklist, but different words choose to replicate themselves in each chapter. Zap one word and a different one sneaks into the next chapter. Since I write spelling there are special fantasy words (or spellings of) that drive a word processor crazy. Making a list lets me know if it is a hyphenated or not compound word and the capitalization rules for them.


  3. Cailin Briste says:

    I have an editing list that includes words I over use. “Just” is one of mine. I use the Word find tool and find all the instances of “just” and weed out the non-essential ones, which is most of them.


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