Sunday is for #SexySnippets


Every Sunday is #SexySnippets day! Authors who join this blog hop share 7 – 8 lines of their published book or their work in progress.

As in my first post for #SexySnippets, this week’s excerpt is from Baby, Count On Me. It’s my steamy, contemporary romance novella  from the Southern Roads Kindle World. The story is a second chance romance about Jenna and Beau, former college sweethearts who are reunited several years after their break up.

In this scene, Beau and Jenna are walking through the woods (she’s carrying a rose that a friend gave her). Since she was the one who ended the relationship back in college, Beau’s wary of spending time with her, but he’s inexorably drawn to her…

They had just reached a narrow place on the path when Jenna caught the toe of her shoe on a tree root and stumbled, dropping her rose on the trail. Beau made a quick grab for her arm and managed to catch her before she fell.

The touch of her warm skin against his hand instantly had his body flaring to attention. He bit back a groan at the sensation. If he felt this way from a simple touch, how was he ever going to be able to take things slowly with her?

He bent to pick up the rose, flicked off some small pieces of dirt clinging to it, and handed it back to her. When she smiled her thanks and tucked the flower safely into the low neckline of her shirt to nestle between her breasts, he nearly dropped the grocery bags.

Sonofabitch, couldn’t she have put that damned rose anywhere else?


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Southern Roads: Baby, Count On Me

Workaholic CPA Jenna Carmichael has played it safe all her life, except for the one time back in college when she gambled on romance and ended up with heartbreak. Her domineering father controlled every aspect of her world back then, and still does, yet Jenna has been nurturing a tiny spark of defiance and it’s finally ready to blaze to life.

Mechanical engineer Beau Davis saw plenty of excitement during his stint in the U. S. Air Force. Now, he’s ready to settle down in the cozy rural town of Sweetness, GA. The trouble is, he can’t find a woman who stirs his heart the way his college sweetheart did, and he’s been comparing women to her ever since.

When Jenna comes to Sweetness to audit the small town’s government grant, she and Beau are reunited. Will they be willing to risk everything for a second chance at love?

Reviewers say:

A simply delicious escape!
The writing was so visual, with each character and scene so vividly described, it was like I was experiencing a well crafted Lifetime movie.
Well worth the read. Highly recommend.
Looking forward to the next work from Robin Michaela.

Buy it today on Amazon:

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