My Favorite Things – #MFRWauthor 2017 Blog Challenge

My favotire things by author Robin MichaelaI’ve always heard that people need to write more blog posts in order to extend their reach to new readers. It makes sense. But, even though I am an author, it can be difficult to come up with weekly topics. I worry that I’ll bore you if I expound upon my favorite things or that you won’t care to learn  why I decided to write a certain character or setting. Because of this self-imposed judgement, I seem to concentrate more on crafting my actual manuscripts than working on my romance blog.

Hence, the 52 Week Blog Challenge I’ve just signed up for through Marketing for Romance Writers. Each week, #MFRW will toss out a topic and I’ll cheerfully (?) write a blog post about it.

Woohoo!” you say. “By this time next year, I’ll know more about author Robin Michaela than I ever dared to dream.” Actually, I hope you will, because I love interacting with my readers, so I hope you’ll leave a comment if anything resonates with you.

So, ahem, without further ado, here’s the list of my favorite things:

  • My family – ’nuff said.
  • My two cats, Cleo and Boo – Most of the time, my fur babies are very helpful with my story writing process. They like to sit in my lap and review my work. They keep me warm. They calm me with their purring. However, they also like to sit ON my keyboard and hinder my writing. So, my desk looks like a bomb went off because I have a myriad of items on every flat space to discourage them from parking their furry softness on my keyboard and making me write things like ‘He kissed his way down her neck, causing tinyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy shivers to run down her spine.’
  • Chocolate – Dark, sinfully rich, smoothly decadent. Hey, I just noticed that a lot of adjectives I use to describe chocolate are the same ones I use to describe my Heroes. Hmmm.
  • Writing – I’ve been writing professionally since 2008, creating blog articles and website copy writing for clients . And, I started writing stories back in 1990 when I wrote my first romance novel (it never got published, but I may rewrite it someday). I’m super-stoked to finally be publishing!
  • Running – This all started when my daughter decided that she and I (both non-runners) should complete a full marathon. 26.2 miles. That year. Being the Voice of Reason, I talked her off that particular ledge and we agreed to set our goal on running a half marathon by year’s end – 13.1 miles (note the all-important 0.1, which can be the toughest part of the race!). So, we trained and completed our first race six months later. That was more than three years ago and we now have 6 half’s under my FlipBelt, with three more scheduled for 2017 (including the Disney Start Wars Half Marathon, in which we will be uber-cool in our running tutus).

I have so many more of my favorite things to list, but these are my Top Five. Drop a comment below and let me know some of yours!

This is a Blog Hop sponsored by Marketing for Romance Writers. Please be sure to visit some of the other authors listed below, and then check back every Friday to learn more about us (next week, you’ll discover how my family survives my writing.).

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6 thoughts on “My Favorite Things – #MFRWauthor 2017 Blog Challenge

  1. Helen Henderson says:

    One of the interesting things of this challenge is the different authors handling of the same prompt. I had my characters give theirs, another author clarified their list by snow day activities. I hope the similarities don’t imply authors are a stereotype. I could have written Robins changing two cats to one, and walking rather than running. Hope you stop by the other posts. They’re a fun read.


  2. aylaruse says:

    So good to hear your thoughts, Robin. I agree with how you began…the self judgement part. I tend to do that, too. I suppose that’s because (I’ve heard) most of us writers are solitary creatures when it comes down to it. lol And I totally agree about the cats part. Try laying out aluminum foil. They hate to step on the stuff. Good luck!


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