Strengthen Your Writing Skills – Learn to Edit Your Romance Novel

I’ve just spent a month taking an awesome online course from Angela James, the editorial director at Carina Press (a Harlequin subsidiary), called Before You Hit Send. The course was so comprehensive that I’m on information overload, at the moment, lol. Seriously though, I’ve been editing my first romance fanfiction manuscript for the Southern Roads Kindle Worlds and I can see huge changes in how the story flows and in how much stronger it is. And, I’m only about halfway through revisions.

Before You Hit Send starts with the basics: punctuation, apostrophes, adverbs, adjectives, etc, etc. It progresses to detailed information on subjects like pacing, point of view, and when to stop editing. For what I got, it was the best $99 I’ve spend on my writing career, thus far.

The course is online and only offered twice a year. The next one is in February, 2017. Angela’s website says the course is three weeks long, but it’s really closer to four weeks (it’s four weeks, if you count in the extra days to wrap up discussions, etc.). She’d on the boards every day to answer questions and give personal feedback for exercises and assignments (if you choose to do them. You don’t have to, but it helps you practice the lessons and get feedback so you know you understand.)

Anyhow, space is limited – I think she only takes 67 (?) for each class. You can register here (I do NOT get a kickback, I’m just passing the info on). You can even give the course as a gift to someone (the holidays are coming 🙂 )..

If you want to learn how to strengthen your writing I highly recommend it!

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