Love Romance?

So, here I am – a new author!

I’m calling myself an author because, even though I’m not published yet, I am putting it out to the universe that the first of my romance books will be completed in 2016.I love romance and have so many story beginnings in mind. Now I’m working on getting them out of my head and onto the paper (well, onto the computer…!).

That being said, I’m working on a sci-fi romance right now, called Heart of the Jaguar. Here’s what it’s about:

Set on the far away planet of B’Alam, Heart of the Jaguar tells the story of Faren Tamanui, a beautiful career thief. She was orphaned at a tender age and developed a talent for robbery as a means of survival. In spite of fantasizing about the feral and sexy crown prince of the Nagual jaguar people, she tries to convince herself that she wants nothing more from him than the royal gemstone she has come to steal.

As the heir to the jaguar throne, Jax Lyncea has more on his mind than the sensual intruder he catches escaping from his estate with an imperial treasure. The monarchs of the Nagual clan have been attacked: the queen is missing and so is a powerful crystal that is symbiotically linked to the rulers and to the very life force of the planet. Now the planet is facing imminent destruction.

When Jax discovers the whereabouts of the crystal and the missing sovereign, he learns it will be nearly impossible to free them from their prison. His only hope lies with the ebony-haired thief he has been unable to stop thinking about. Will they succeed and will Faren be able to tame the heart of the jaguar?

…More to come!

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